Deviant Syndrome is original band from Moscow, Russia. Band’s musical direction is a prominent mix of different genres, giving the band modern and unusual sound that is considered to have epic, melodic and technical death metal influences in it. Every song is a remarkable example of how high-technique melodic death in traditions of Children of Bodom and Kalmah meets speed thrash riffs of Slayer and symphonic black of Dimmu Borgir, as long as epic tunes lessens brutal tension of death.

The band started in late 2005 and since that time have received critical acclaims for their first demo-tape “Pictures of Declared Extinction”. The album was warmly met by critics in Dark City (headliner magazine for extreme metal) in 2008 and Rock Oracle in 2010, along with known musical portal Headbanger that regarded the band as the Best newcomer of 2009.

List of band’s achievements leaves musicians to be proud of themselves:

— opening act before Finnish bands Kalmah, Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Before the Dawn as well as Canadian Kataklysm and Norwegian Pantheon I;

— participation in Global East Open Air 2010, one of the biggest festivals held in Kiev, Ukraine, where the band shared the stage with historically acclaimed bands from all over the world;

— participation in Hub & Heuy festival in Roermond and Heidens Geweld festival in Eindhoven (both Netherlands) in January and April, 2011.

Band’s discography consist of self-released demo “Pictures of Declared Extinction” in 2007 and two full-length albums — “Inflicted Deviations” 2011 (Mazzar Records — Russia, MDD Records — Germany) and «66 Ways to Redemption» 2013 (Mazzar Records — Russia).

Currently the band is working on their new material.